1) Customized environmental health & sustainability consulting for individuals, homes* and businesses.

2) Community outreach services for utility energy efficiency programs.

3) Public Education and Marketing via:

• public presentations
• writing/research
• event organizing and promotion
• radio program
• blog
• video
• social media

* For homes:

  • Want to go green but don’t know where to start?
  • Concerned something in your house may be causing health problems?
  • Are you wasting money on your home or business’ energy bills? 
  • Should your family be eating healthier and more sustainably?

Find out what you need to know to reduce your family’s risk of disease. Contact Green Living Consultant Beth Fiteni, MSEL and get your questions answered!

Consulting fee $125 per visit* in Nassau / Suffolk Counties, Long Island, NY.
* Sliding scale available. Contact us…

Our AT-YOUR-DOOR SERVICE includes Personalized CONSULTING & Info Booklet on:

    • Basic energy efficiency and where to find energy-saving products
    • How to obtain a free or low-cost home energy audit
    • Reducing harmful toxins in your home, and making the best choices regarding: Carpets and Flooring, Countertops, Paints & VOCs, Phthalates & BPA in Plastics, Pesticides, Wallpapers, Water & Shower Filters
    • Lowering Your Diet’s Carbon Footprint While Making You Healthier
    • Green Cleaners & Detergents
    • Green Dry Cleaning
    • Natural, Organic Landscaping

Invaluable science-based environmental health information for all, especially parents of young children, and people with asthma or compromised immune systems.

Green Inside And Out Consulting serves Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island, NY.


As seen in Natural Awakenings Magazine and the LI Green Guide