Speaking Engagements

speaking at sierra club 3 17Green Inside and Out is available to present on the following subjects:

Green Living and Reducing Toxins in Our Daily Life: Want to go green but don’t know where to start? Learn ways to reduce harmful toxins in our homes and businesses, and make the best choices regarding: plastics that may leach hormone-disrupting chemicals, body care products, cleaners and dry cleaners, pesticides and alternatives, chemicals in household items, lowering your diet’s carbon footprint, and where to find greener, safer products.

Climate Change: Learn about the contributing factors and results of climate change, and how our energy use contributes to it. Also covers solutions and what measures we can implement to mitigate climate change, both from our personal actions and on a policy level, including some examples of what’s being done around the globe. Includes information about local efficiency and renewable incentive programs.


(The above two topics can also be combined, and also can be tailored for faith institution audiences, from a non-denominational stewardship perspective.)

Food Sustainability: Learn the four main ways we can reduce the impact of our food choices on the planet. Become empowered by knowing why choosing organic, plant based, GMO-free and local foods really does make a difference to your health and our world. Covers an overview of world hunger, and issues impacting our food production and consumption, including factory farming of animals, genetic engineering, bee colony collapse disorder, the definition of “organic,” and levels of food waste.

Organic Lawn Care (available in Spanish): This presentation will answer your questions about the essential steps and products for maintaining your lawn without synthetic chemicals, and why an organic approach differs from chemical-based lawn care—(Como mentaner un césped orgánico, sin químicas – en Español.)

My experience as a guest speaker includes:

    • New York State Association of Conservation Commissions – Conference on the Environment
    • Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby – Breast Cancer Forum
    • Go Green Expo – New York City & Philadelphia
    • Molloy College – Annual High Tea for Alumni & Annual Business Women’s Luncheon
    • Plus many colleges, universities and places of worship

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